February 03, 2009

Toddler 2.0

As you may or may not know, my daddy is a bit obsessed with technology. He is constantly on the Internet, playing with pictures, video, and different websites.

Like most things that my mommy and daddy love, I love computers too. I often tell mommy and daddy to wait just one minute because I have to “check my email.”

We play games and learn about letters, stars and snowmen. Who knew that the computer is filled with so many cool things?

Anyway, my daddy recently put our old computer down low in my playroom so I can start to learn how to play with it all by myself.

I am still figuring out the mouse, but it is good fun!

Maybe Killer Whale wants to play too!

Question for educators: Are you ready to teach my generation of kids? Because we are coming into your schools and we expect to learn using these machines!

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