February 13, 2009

Been Doin'

We have a few random pictures from the last few weeks on my mommy's camera, so in no particular order or theme here are some shots:

This is Owen, Faith, and I chasing my daddy at The Pearl.

Here I am at Circus Land riding the ponies.

I am getting very good at taking pictures, and I am very careful with my mommy's camera (my daddy still won't let me touch his) so she let's me take pictures with it all the time. Here is one I tool of my parents. My dad says it is very well framed. I am not sure what that means, but they both look great.

Here is what my silly daddy did when I told him to say cheese!

Some pictures at the playground.

My new bike and helmet.

I am getting very good at riding it; we should take some video and show you.

Taking a break with the boys!

Finally, from way back in January a night out for dinner at the Souks.

Love you all. My granddaddy Mehran is coming soon, so hopefully we will have some great pictures with him next week.

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