October 16, 2008

Date with Daddy

Sorry I have been away for awhile, we have been busy here in Doha. But we are back in action. Today, my mom had some work to do at school so daddy and I went on a date to my favorite place, Ray's Reef.

Look at me driving a bumper car all by myself! I just drove around in circles, but I didn't mind getting hit by other cars. It was good fun.

Then we were off to the slide, where I am now going down tummy first.

A little painting before we left...

Daddy and I had a nice date at a Sushi place. I got restless before the food came so we took it home, but I did try some edemame.

It was a great afternoon!


  1. Anonymous12:28 AM

    I wish that I could spend a little time with you. It seems that you had a lot of fun.

    Love you Aunt Marjan

  2. Kaia,

    I wonder who had more fun, you or Daddy!