September 05, 2008

Where Else?

It was a hot Friday afternoon during Ramadan, so where else do you think we spent the afternoon? You guessed it swimming! But these aren't going to be your average photos, because...

We got a new underwater camera!

With the amount of time I spend underwater and in front of the camera, it wouldn't make sense not to have one of these bad boys. Look at my daddy's hair! What a freak.

Tada, look at us so happy under the sea. Well, pool, but you get the drift. I will be scuba diving in the sea with my mommy and daddy in no time, well eight years, but why do you keep bustin' my chops?

If these photos were not quite cool enough for you, here is some underwater footage for you as well.

1 comment:

  1. Great pictures and video. Your daddy used one of my favorite songs on the video. Keep on swimming!