April 27, 2008

Hair Berets and Other Things

I am not even sure why, but I won't let my mommy and daddy put anything in my hair. I hate hats, and I never leave berets or allow pony tails to stay in my hair when my parents do it, but whenever Marylin does it, it is okay.

I actually walk up to her and say, "Kaia pretty?" and well the rest is magic:


  1. Kaia,

    When my daughter was little, she hated to have her hair brushed. Sometimes she would allow a ponytail, but no other fussing.

    She's a married lady now, with hair below her waist. She loves to brush her long locks - I call her Rapunzel!


  2. I think you look pretty. I dont think your mother liked barrettes or anything in her hair.Someday I will have to show you pictures of when your mother was a little girl.