March 30, 2008

Rays Reef Part II

My daddy is posting so many pictures that the witty commentary maybe limited. Just enjoy the photos...

but we did have a Poo Poo break...Pew yew...

This is a keeper!


  1. Kaia,

    So nice to meet you! You are obviously a very well-loved little girl.

    My daughter was in Kindergarten when the Cabbage Patch dolls first became popular, so she's probably about the same age as your Mommy!


  2. hi kaia, i am shocked to see how very many teeth you have. your smile is absolutely lovely!!! i also like your fashion sense ;) it looks like you are showing your mom and dad a good time and learning alot about fish. good for you!!

  3. Marjan10:10 AM

    My sweet Kaia,

    You don't know how much I miss U. I have your picture on my screen and I look at your beautiful eyes all the time, they are so lovely.
    Give your Mommy and Jabiz a hug from me.

    Love U
    Aunt Marjan