March 01, 2008

Me and Owen

Here are a few more shots of this weekend. It is getting pretty hot outside, so after a long day of playing with my friend Owen, it feels nice to come inside, feel the AC, wet my hair, and drink some apple juice.

My daddy and I also like to take a few self-portraits.

But let's look at the pictures from outside. My mommy and daddy were baby-sitting Own for a few hours; here's what we did. This is the best picture, but I think it shows me looking pretty tough so we decided to go with it.

Here we are running up and down the side of our house on my bike. Our tomato plants are doing great, except for that one.

See look at them here. They are so green and have about 15 tomatoes on them. Yummy, I can't wait till they are ripe. Here we are playing.

All in all we had a lot of fun. I like when my friends come over.

See you next week.

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