November 21, 2007

Dancing in the Street

We have received several emails this week asking us where the photos are, and we apologize or the delay. We have posted twelve shots. We hope this keeps you satisfied; we should have some Thanksgiving shot coming soon. In the meantime here I am out on our yard. Let me show you around.This is my house, my slide, and my water and sand table, all toys I like to play with now that it is cooling off outside. We spend a lot of time out in our yard.

Here I am inside my house...

I look a little orange but the lighting in here can play tricks with the camera...

Okay, time for you to leave my house...

Bye Bye...

Let's go out to the slide. My dad wanted me to draw your attention to the nice bougainvilleas growing in the background.

Here I am checking out my dad's new Indian made bike, The Hero. He is currently working together a plot and a script to make a movie about it. Stay tuned.

Now let's go outside. Our street is not very exciting. But we have planted a few trees and they are slowly growing. You can see them in the back.

The construction site and the abandoned street don't stop us from having a good time. We like to go out and dance and spin in the street.

See you soon...


  1. Great play yard. Your Mommy and Daddy have bought you great stuff to play with. Like your outfit and the green shoes. Keep on dancing.

  2. Kaia, you are truly a desert flower. I am so loving watching you grow.