October 06, 2007

A Night In The Park

The other night, as the sun was setting and the weather was cooling off, we went to a nice little park my mommy has found.

We took my friend Owen. My daddy gives me a hard time and says that Owen is my boyfriend, but we are just friends. He comes over and we play and dance sometimes, but that is all…

Here we are in a boat near Khalifa Stadium. The tower in the background was built for the Asian Games, but it is still not done (Like everything else in Doha). When done it is meant to have restaurants, shopping, and even a pool.

We had a good time at this park. I like playing with Owen. Although he is a bit older, we have a good time.

Finally, here is one that you can use as your screen saver or print up. My daddy may joke about Owen now, but he better watch out if I still look like this when I am older...

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