September 23, 2007

You Call This A Beach

I was born in Malaysia, so I like my beaches like this:

You know soft white sand, warm aqua water and nothing to do but play in the water and sand. Well that isn't the case here in the Persian Gulf. At least not at Al Waakr beach, where we went the other night to get a bit wet. This place is about twenty minutes outside of Doha, and yes that is a factory of some sort in the background:

The water was hot and the sand grainy, but I did get a chance to play with some of my new friends and get a bit wet. My parents, who are beach snobs, were not impressed, but I had a pretty good time. As you can see:

Get rid of the power plant, the posse of day laborers, add some lighting, and a piece of seaweed and I am a happy girl, and the shot doesn't look half bad.

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