June 03, 2007

Back at the Pool

We have everything straighten out and WE ARE BACK! We have some fun action shots this week from the pool. Here I am with my mommy splashing away!

Then she dunks me under and we splash some more as I come up.

I love being in the water, and I am getting very good and being under. I very rarely swallow any, and I am learning to spit it out when I do.

Kick, kick, kick. Yeah I am getting the hang of this.

I can also hold on to the side of the pool all by myself.

Going to the pool is one of my favorite things to do! See you next week. I hope you will enjoy my first video!!!

There are a few more pictures of me and my daddy on the slide at Intrepidflame!

1 comment:

  1. kaia- you are getting to have quite a pretty head of hair! i am glad that you enjoy the pool- it looks like fun! :)