May 05, 2007

Saturday Brunch

We went to one of mommy and daddy's favorite restaurants, La Bodega, for brunch today. It is cool because there are couches and tables and lots of room for me to cruise around. It was innocent and fun...

...until the food came...

Then it was pure mischief! WHOO Ha Ha Ha!!!!! (insert evil laugh here)

Who me? Trouble? Never!

Whatever! Bring on the grub!

Yum! Yum. All in all it was a great morning. I ate some strawberries, oranges, yogurt, and eggs. Mommy and Daddy actually ordered me some food. Baby food is for suckers!


  1. Sounds like a good meal. You are doing great with 2 teeth.

  2. that pic third from the end- omg!! :) definitely mischievous.