February 10, 2007

Take A Look At These Chompers!

Hello everyone! In case you haven't heard or seen for yourself; I have two new TEETH! And I love to show them off every chance I get.

They hurt like hell, oh sorry I guess I shouldn't be using language like that, but damn...sorry can't say that either, anyway- they hurt coming in. They make me cranky, and it is difficult to sleep, but when I am happy they really add a little somthing to my smile. Don't you think?

What? You still can't really see'em. Take a look. Say ARGHHH!!!!!!


  1. Great teeth. It is nice to see a picture where you are not wearing a bib.
    Love you lots, Grandma MJ

  2. Anonymous3:28 PM

    hi my little princess,

    I love your new style. the dress, your hair and the teeth, you are så cute. love U so much, Aunt Marjan