January 12, 2007

Sammy P. Park

Samuel P. Taylor Park is one of my daddy’s favorite places in the world. He spent a lot of his childhood playing in its creek and redwood forest. So he made sure that I was able to see it too. It was a chilly but sunny day, and I couldn’t believe how much I loved the cold wind in my face. As we walked amongst the giant redwood trees, I couldn’t help myself- I laughed and squealed.

Here is my mommy contemplating how small we really are in the world. I couldn’t believe how big those trees were, and to think they are only babies like me!

As we turned around to start heading back to the car, things took a turn for the worse. The charming chilly air, became cold and the fact that I had drooled all over my jacket made me a bit uncomfortable. I had a soaking wet diaper to boot. We had to pick up the pace on the way back.

No more Baby Bjorn...We gotta hussle.

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