December 03, 2006

Bikini Bathing Beauty

Back at the club, sportin' the latest in baby swimwear, here I am in my ittsy bitsy tiny weeny bikini. Daddy is a bit concerned about the boys checkin' me out, but I assured him that he still has about 12 years before he has to worry.

In the meantime, I'll keep smilin and chillin' poolside.

I am getting pretty good at this swimming thing. Put me in the water and I kick like crazy. I actually held my breath and dunked my head under the water. It was a bit scary; I came up crying, but I was okay with it very quickly.

Daddy got me all covered up and showed his concern with his scowl.

I cooed and smiled and melted him like butter. I hope this strategy works in my teens, but I doubt it. I will use it while I can.

1 comment:

  1. Look great in bikini. We can go swimming together at Christmas. I sent you a couple of boxes on Saturday with teething toys and a bunch of bibs. You can drool and chew to your heart's content. Also sent your dad's book.