November 12, 2006

One Little Piggy Goes To The Market

When you are only four months old things like dignity and self-respect are sacrificed for the ever-popular buzzword cute, and since you have no choice but to be at the whim of your parents, you are ultimately helpless. So this Sunday, my mom and dad dressed me up in this Piglet costume, a fantastic yet not very dignified outfit. (It was a gift from a parent at the school where my daddy works) to make people ooh and ahh and giggle with joy, as they see the little girl looking like, well, a little pig. But you gotta admit, I look pretty darn cute in it.

Look at the camera he says...

Now stand up for a bit...

Wave to the camera...(I can't actually do this yet, but my daddy says that photography is the art of illusion and manipulation. So if it looks like I am waving...then I am waving. Although, I can roll over now, and that is a pretty big milestone!))

Here is one with Grandma. You see she doesn't have to wear a pig outfit.

Finally here is one, where I look normal!


  1. sorry kaia- but you are pretty darned cute!!! you do make a cute piggy. :)

  2. With your panache Kaia you can pull off any outfit! xx