November 26, 2006

Sunday Playtime

Zoe is starting to take an interest in me, and I am finally starting to notice Zoe, but we are seldom close for long.

So I just spend my time playing with my block...

...and acting like an airplane. I still can't crawl, but I am able to do 360 on my stomach.

My daddy wanted me to mention that my bib was clean and fresh a mere two hours before this picture was taken, but because I drool like a loose faucet, I go through them very quickly. Please focus on the smile and not on the grime, but I am sure you are already doing that!

After time playing, it's back to the chair for some R&R. Man this baby life is tough!

1 comment:

  1. Again the pictures are too cute. I use a new one every week for my desktop background. It is only 4 weeks until Grandpa and I see you.