October 30, 2006

The Fire and The Sea

Here is a shot of my dad and I contemplating the vastness of the sea. He was telling me all about the things that go on in there, and I couldn’t believe it. He told me about manta rays and whale sharks, nudibranchs and barracudas. I can’t wait till I am old enough to go and explore the reefs with him.

You may have also noticed his new tattoo. Since it involves me, I wanted to explain to you all a bit of what it means. As you may or may not know my dad’s name means fire or flame in Persian and my name means ocean in Hawaiian, so if you notice the artwork, it depicts the meeting of these two very powerful elements. Looking at this picture of us, it is hard to tell which one controls the other. We are fire and water, my daddy and I. So you better watch out! In the mean time, we will contemplate the sea…


  1. Brilliant! I was just wondering what made you call your blogspace "Intrepid Flame". Now you've quenched my curiosity!

    So beautiful that your daughter personifies another element too!

    Fiery dad and soothing little sea girl. Cherish her!
    Lots of lovely pix

  2. Just cruised through all the photos - amazing! You all look happy, healthy and like you are living the moment. Thanks for allowing me to share Kaia growing up :-)

  3. you all look so peaceful. love the idea behind your tattoo.