September 24, 2006

Out For A Walk

After being in the house all day, because it is too hot to go out...

we all go for a walk around the neighborhood. It is one of my favorite things to do. I love looking around and holding up my neck all by myself.

My daddy wanted to point out that early evening light, also known as soft light, is the best for taking pictures. don't we look pretty?


  1. Marjan2:24 PM

    I love Sundays too because then I get new photos with your lovely, cute face. I love your smile Kaia.

  2. Hey there.. found you off our dearest Boho's site...

    I hafta say, i'm a great uncle, 'cuz about an hour into being with my neice and nephew.. i wanna run screaming... :)

    i'm not much of a "kid" person - but i hafta say something to you and yer gal:

    that is one gorgeous lil' doozer of a kiddo you 2 have.


    such a smile, what sparkle, and what obvious happiness.

    my gods, if we could only maintain that innocence throughout our lives, eh?

    anyway, nice site.
    take care.

    feel free to swing by any one of my (3) someday. (i'm a little addicted)

    ~ Bronxbt