September 17, 2006

My Garden

This is our backyard:

Today was sunday, and daddy and I were alone, so we went out to enjoy the sun and great weather.

It was quite hot, so I was a bit drowsy. I spent most of the time cheking out my hands. I have learned to stick them in my mouth, which is great because it really calms me down.

I like being out in the fresh air and watching all the lights and shadows.


  1. lovely. do you all have seasons?

  2. One season: 92 degress everday and usally rain at around 4 pm. Sun up at 7am and sunsets at 7pm.

  3. She is so gorgeous. Wish I could meet her....maybe one day soon.....

    Shoe Diva x

    P.S. Can't post on your Intrepid or this site so I am still reading, commenting but am anonymous.

  4. Hey, whaddyaknow, I just posted :-)