July 26, 2006

Worth it

But shots like this...

make it worth it.


  1. BZ, this first year is amazing. She will change daily. Milestones occur without warning - turning over from back to front, or front to back. The discovery of her fist, her feet, will bring her endless hours of amusement. She'll start "talking" in her own language. She'll sit up. Crawl. Walk.

    Enjoy it, and leave room for the hilarity of babyness. My own grandbaby, today, on the phone - I said "Ellie, can you say doggie?" She dropped the phone, ran to her dog, and I could hear her shout "DOGGIE". Babies are the best!

  2. Oh, it goes by so quickly!! One day she looka sht, the next assertie, the next day, she is obviously noticing he renvoronment, faces, it is so wonderful having children...and so much work!!