July 25, 2006

Passport Day

Dear Kaia,

You were able to do it for sixteen days, but alas we had to give you a nationality and depending on who you ask whether we made the right choice, you are an American. I know it feels weird to have to put you in a computer system, somewhere, after all you were born to an Iranian dad, an American mom, and in Malaysia. Regardless, we went and applied for your passport today. You will officially be an American in two weeks. I hope this action will be something that you can be proud of. But I hope that you remember that you are a citizen of this planet before anything else. I hope we can show you as many cultures as possible and that you choose the best of each to make up your identity. We will go to the Iranian Embassy soon so you can get documentation to see Grandpa Mehran and Great Grandpa soon.

Here are your not so cute passport photos:

note: it is very hard to take passport photos of a 17 day old baby.


  1. Great post, Great Advice to Kaia. God Bless you and your family.

  2. Beautiful girl.

    My husband is Parsi. So in a way, Kaia is like my Helena.

    Only...a few centuries of separation off. What's the difference anyway? same world we're all fighting for, nowadays.

  3. Oh, my god, she looks like she's ready to make a raspberry sound. I LOVE newborns. They are hilariously funny, gorgeous and perfect.